About Confidentiallity on this Forum

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About Confidentiallity on this Forum

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Canyon Vista RV Park Residents Group - Privacy Policy

This FORUM is operated for the benefit of the residents of Canyon Vista and has absolutely no connection to the park management nor to the park owner Cal-Am properties.

It provides a secure and if necessary anonymous platform for residents of Canyon Vista to:

1. Obtain and/or share information about the park.
2. Share interests and coordinate activities with other residents.
3. Voice concerns about the services and policies of the park.
4. Put forward ideas and suggestions to improve the services provided by the park.
5. All correspondence to the webmaster@mycanyonvista.com and/or moderator@mycanyonvista.com will be treated in the strictest confidence.

No e-mail addresses, residents names or unit numbers will be published under any circumstances.
Posts will be edited for content before being published.

The publisher of this website considers Canyon Vista RV Park to be well managed and recognizes that both the local management and Cal-Am management in general act in a professional and honest manner at all times. However, some residents feel constrained in voicing their opinion through fear of a potential negative response from management. This web page will allow residents to voice their opinions anonymously. The sole intent is to improve the residents lifestyle while at the same time ensuring that the park remains profitable and the premier destination for snowbirds staying in southern Arizona.