Eighth Streed Winter Visitors at Canyon Vistas

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Eighth Streed Winter Visitors at Canyon Vistas

Post by bjbear » August 1st, 2013, 2:05 pm

Posted on Facebook by Susan Withage 8:32pm Jul 31
ATTENTION: Eighth St. Winter Visitors at Canyon Vistas ~ As a reminder, Dale will be preparing a MAN BASKET of BEERS - to be auctioned off at the Annual Cancer Awareness Week Fundraiser. Please bring a sampling of the BEST tasting beer you have in your local PROVINCE OR STATE. We will be collecting this in JANUARY 2014 when we arrive (SITE #271);

Dale also plans on hitting up local golf courses for free rounds of golf or whatever he can get......ha ha!! He welcomes any other ideas for this MAN BASKET of BEERS.......Desi or Roger - if you see this - our email is sbwithage@gmail.com......sorry I didn't get us onto your list....

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