The Views dance floor

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The Views dance floor

Post by 2pedersens » November 7th, 2014, 11:05 am

Last year a new concrete dance floor was installed to replace the original brick area. At the dedication, a vice president from Cal-am said the concrete would need to cure before applying a coating to make the surface dancer friendly. A year later, this has not been done and many dancers are not using the floor at the happy hours which mgm't insists on having at the Views rather than the club house. It would be nice if anyone at Cal-am reads this forum and could get something done in this regard. Cal-am also needs to be more open with the members of this park who support it year to year. This park is filling up every year and now with the Views, we are overflowing the present club house. Craft rooms are being split between two or three different users. This is not acceptable for a park of this quality. Cal-am, please respond.

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