Using your Canadian Satellite TV at Canyon Vista

Important Information for our Canadian Residents.
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Using your Canadian Satellite TV at Canyon Vista

Post by webmaster » September 23rd, 2012, 8:43 am

Lots of information on the web about Canadians using their Satellite TV service down in the US. In the past some people have been able to get Bell Express-vu, although somewhat limited, as far south as Arizona. As of this year, that will not be true. Here are the facts as I understand them:

1) There is no legal reason that Bell satellite can not be received in the US. No law prohibits you from using Bell. It is Bell's business plan that imposes this restriction. They have an agreement with a US provider(Dish Network) not to infringe on each others territory. If you phone Bell to get service or ask questions and you tell them you are in the US, they will immediately cut off your service. Some people including Bell Service Agents will tell you the prohibition is a CRTC thing. This is NOT True. As stated previously, it is a business plan/agreement.

2) As of this summer, Bell launched a new satellite. The footprint of this new satellite has changed and can only be received in Canada and a very narrow band of the northern US states. Although a person might think that if the satellite is up in the sky, you should be able to receive the signal, this is not true. The satellite broadcasts in a narrow cone which is aligned with where they want the signal to be received. Think of a flashlight with a narrow beam shining on a wall (or globe). The light will be concentrated at a particular spot and the area around it will remain dark. The footprint of Bell's satellite can be seen at ... imiq-2/N2/. Because all Bell channels are switching to this new satellite, you will not receive any signal in Arizona.

3) Shaw satellite service is available as far south as Mexico. The 2 satellites they have been using are Anik F1 (footprint: ... -F1F1R/F1/) and Anik F2 (footprint: ... nik-F2/F2/). These satellites have an expected lifespan of 5 - 10 years (2017 - 2022)

4) Shaw is launching another satellite named Anik G1 (footprint: ... nik-G1/G1/). This will carry additional HD channels. Like the new Bell satellite, it's footprint does not extend down to Arizona so you will not receive it at Canyon Vistas. However, unlike Bell, Shaw is leaving the original channels on F1/F2 so you will continue to receive these down south.

5) To use the new G1 satellite, you must install a new LNB on your dish. This is available from Shaw or from independent satellite re-sellers.

6) To continue viewing the original F1 and F2 satellites, you do not need the new LNB as the old one will continue to work. However, if you install the new LNB, you must call Shaw and have them update your satellite receivers which they do by sending a signal to them to download a new program. Once this is done, your old LNB will not work. Where this becomes important is when you have more than one dish (i.e. a travel dish as well as one on your home). You must change the LNB on all your dishes so that you can use your receiver on any one of them.

7) Because you are so far south at Canyon Vistas, it is recommended to use the 75 cm dish. The smaller dish may work, but will be harder to align and may lose the signal at times.

8) Canyon Vista is at N33 21.4, W111 28.6. To align your dish, set Azimuth = 176 Deg True, Elevation = 51 deg, Skew = 87.8 deg.

9) If you are down south and need parts for Shaw Equipment, you can try Satellite Advantage in Quartzsite.

10) There has been some suggestion that you can use Telus Satellite service in the US. While Telus does not appear to have any service agreement with US networks preventing this, unfortunately, they do not have their own satellite. They use Bell satellites and just re-brand the service as Telus. The same footprint limitations apply and you will not get a signal farther south than the northern border states.
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