Update on changes with Shaw Satellite

Important Information for our Canadian Residents.
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Update on changes with Shaw Satellite

Post by bjbear » September 4th, 2013, 11:54 am

:!: There have been lots of discussion lately about the future of using Shaw Direct Satellite in the southern US. I will post further details as I can confirm them, but for now (Fall 2013) here is what is known:

It appears that we will still be able to get Shaw Direct Satellite in Arizona for the 2013/14 season. There are however some things to be aware of:

1) On April 15 of this year, a new satellite (Anik G!) was launched. You can read about it at: https://secure.shawdirect.ca/promotions ... =w1_launch
  • The new satellite will carry new HD channels. However, the footprint of the satellite will NOT extend into the US...or at least not down to Arizona.

2) The original satellites (Anik F1 & F2) will remain in service and there are no plans to change their footprint at this time (I don't think that is possible anyway). Different sources at Shaw give different answers, but generally speaking, they will remain in service until they run out of fuel (~ 5 years).
  • The channels you have been getting for the past few years will remain as they are. You will see no difference.
3) If you want to get the new channels, you will need to call Shaw and have them upgrade your dish with a new LNB. I called them to ask them to send me a new one, but they did not want to do that. They insisted that a service tech had to do it.
  • * Once the service tech has upgraded you dish, he/she will then call Shaw, and they will download new programming into your receivers. The receivers will have to be connected to the dish for this to happen.
    * If you have a second dish on your RV or cottage, you will need to get that upgraded too.
    * You cannot have different receivers set up for both the new and the old LNB on your account. If you want to keep one receiver (i.e. at the cottage or down in Arizona) on the old LNB, then they will set up a 2nd account and you will be charged for that. In other words, it is basically all or nothing.
    * Eventually, I suspect that everyone will have to upgrade, but for now, you can leave your receivers with the old LNB without affecting your current programming. You will just not be able to get the new HD channels. However, these are just HD versions of the existing low def channels so not sure it is that critical at this time.
4) A big change that has just happened in the last few months, is that Shaw has announced that they will no longer provide technical support to people outside of Canada. This is one of the things that seems confusing with some Shaw customer service people saying it is true, and some saying they have not heard anything about this. However, it appears to be true as of this writing.
  • * As yet, there is no indication that if you phone in for technical service, and tell them you are in the US, that they will cut you off like Bell has been doing. However, there remains a definite possibility that they will do this in the not so distant future. I would recommend that you do not tell them you are in the US or that you will be taking your receiver down there.
    * It is important that you get any changes done to your account/system before you leave Canada in the fall.
    * If you need to call Shaw for help while down in Arizona, it would be advisable to use Skype of some other phone system that will not tell them where you are.
    * For receiver resets, use the on-line feature at https://secure.shawdirect.ca/english/cu ... efresh.asp.
    * If you upgrade to the new LNB, you will have to purchase a replacement for your dish if it is in Arizona (nailed to the side of your park model). These can be obtained at http://www.canadasatellite.ca/Shaw-Dire ... 60-lnb.htm for a 60 cm dish or http://www.canadasatellite.ca/Shaw-Dire ... cm-lnb.htm for a 75 cm dish. Note that they are not interchangeable, you need the correct one matched to the size of your dish.
As I stated earlier, this information is somewhat confusing at this time and there is a lot of different opinions on the internet. If you PERSONALLY have an experience that is different to this, please let me know by posting a reply to this post of emailing me at moderator@mycanyonvista.com