Great Progress being planned for over the summer!!

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Great Progress being planned for over the summer!!

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Monday, April 25, 2011 4:01 PM
CV News from Julie

Thought you'd be interested in the Monday AM coffee news from Julie about CV and the Superstitution Views (SV) expansion:

Brand new washing machines and dryers are ordered for the 2011-12 season.

The south end of the park will be modified this summer as follows: softball field will be expanded to meet tournament regulations; pet area will be moved west of the ball field; the tennis courts will be converted to six pickleball courts (four new tennis courts will be ready this fall in the new SV addition next door); a concession stand and bathrooms will be built near the courts and Jeannie and Larry Motter will be in charge of the facilities; new horseshoe pits will be built in the SV area; and a picnic area with pergolas, benches and conversation pits will be landscaped between the pickleball courts and softball field.

The Garage Pizza restaurant, ATM machine and beauty salon on Hwy. 60 will be bulldozed in the next few weeks to accommodate the park expansion. The only entrance to the park be the one that we use now, registration will still be handled where it is, and access to the new area will be between sites 50 and 51.

The new ballroom will seat 1200 people or 782 tables.

The woodshop will be moved and expanded to the SV area.

New card/poker tables for CV have been ordered.

They're still debating about if and where the exercise equipment and classes in the existing park might be combined.

Bocce ball courts will be in the SV area and ready for the 2011-12 season.

A second swimming pool will be built and includes a lap pool area.

A larger sewing/quilting space will be in the SV area dedicated only to fabric activities.

The new managers are still scheduled to arrive June 1