CV & The Views Residents  Return


Count: 32, Wall: 4

Intro: Starts 60 counts from start of vocals "well the plane touched down"

Count Steps
1-8 Step R, Hold, L Back Rock, Step L, Touch R, Step R, Hook L with 1/4 Turn L
9-16 Step Fwd L, Lock R, L Lock Step, Step 1/2 Pivot, Step 1/4 Pivot
17-24 Weave to L (Crossing R), Cross Rock R, 1/4 Turn R Shuffle
25-32 1/2 Turn R with L Shuffle Back, 1/2 Turn R with R Shuffle Fwd, Left Rock Step, Behind Side Cross
Ending: Start the last wall facing 6.00 - Do 28 counts of dance make 1/4 turn R and hold. This will take you to the two 1/2 shuffles facing 9.00, make 1/4 turn R stepping L to L side (5), throw R arm in air (6), throw L arm in air (7)
Start Again ... Have Fun!


Copyright 2018 - W. R. (Bill) Johnson