CV & The Views Residents  Return


Count: 32, Wall: 4

Intro: Start After approx. 6 seconds on vocals

Count Steps
1-8 Weave R, Side, Recover, Cross, Weave L, Side, Recover, Cross
** Restart here during wall 3 (facing 6 o’clock)
1-8 Reverse Rumba, Rocking Chair, 1/2 Pivot L, Stomp, Stomp
1-8 Lock Step Fwd, 1/2 Pivot Right, Step, Lock Step Fwd, 1/4 Mambo L
1-8 2x Vaudevilles, Mambo Forward, Coaster Cross
**Restart on Wall 3 after Section 1
Ending: [1&2]- R to R, Close Left to R, Back on R
[3&4]- L to L, Close R to L, Turn 1/4 L to Face Front, Step R to R