CV & The Views Residents  Return

A Complete Change!

Count: 32, Wall: 4

Intro: Frm main beat, 32 count intro. Start with weight on L foot

Count Steps
1-8 Cross Point, Cross Point, R Jazz Box 1/4 R, Cross
1-8 R Chasse, L Back Rock, L Chasse 1/4 R, R Back Rock
1-8 R & L Toe Struts, R Kick Ball Change, R Rock Step Fwd
1-8 R Back Slide, L Back Rock, L Shuffle Fwd, Step 1/4 L
Ending Wall 9 (starts at 12:00) is your last wall. Do up to count 12, then do this: turn 1/4 L shuffling L fwd on counts 13-14. Then scuff R foot fwd on count 15. You are now facing 12:00 again 12:00


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