CV & The Views Residents  Return

Drink in My Hand

Count: 32, Wall: 4

Count Steps
1-8 Shuffle Fwd, Rock-Recover, Walk Back (x3), Out-Out
1-8 Bump Hips (Tush Push Hips)
Option: Do a figure 8 on the last four counts or Freestyle!!
1-8 Side Shuffle R, Turn 1/4 L-Side Shuffle L, Turn 1/4 L-Side Shuffle R, Stomp L, Clap-Clap
1-8 Right Kick-Ball-Change (x2), Jazz Box With 1/4 Turn Right
Tag At the end of the 2nd wall (facing 6:00) do the following steps. Happens only once!! Side Shuffle R, Rock-Recover, Side Shuffle L, Rock-Recover
Step Out-Out, Step In-In, & Heel Jack, & Heel Jack


Copyright 2018 - W. R. (Bill) Johnson