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Senorita La-La-La

Count: 32, Wall: 4

Intro: 32 counts, start on lyrics {call me}

Count Steps
1-8 Rock, Back, Lock, Back, Back Rock, Step, Lock, Step
9-16 Step, Pivot 1/4 L, Cross Shuffle, 1/4 L, Side, Close, Cross
17-24 (Side, Hold, Behind, Side, Cross) X 2
25-32 Side, 1/4 R, Step, Lock, Step, Full Turn, Walk, Walk
Tag On Wall 7 dance up to Count 14 (Step R to right side), replace weight on L and start a CCW hip roll over 2 counts (7-8) weight ends on L
Styling: Stomp on Count 13 and 14 (Out, Out) before the Tag matching the musicStart Wall 8 facing 12:00