A Love Worth Waiting 4
Count: 64, Walls: 2
Level: Intermediate
Intro: Start on Lyrics
Music: A Love Worth Waiting For - Bouke
1-8 L Modified Rumba Boxes Fwd
1-8 L Modified Rumba Boxes Bk
1-8 L Rock Bk, R Replace, L Step Fwd, Pause, R Lock Fwd, Pause
1-8 L Rock Fwd, R Replace, Step Side 1/4 Turn, Pause, Crossover-Side, Behind, Sweep
1-8 L Behind, R Step Side, L Crossover, Pause, Scissor Step, Hold
1-8 Chassť L Into 1/4 Turn, Hold, Pivot Turn 1/2 L, Step Fwd, Hold
1-8 L Step Fwd in Full Spin Turn R, Step, Step, Hold, Pivot Turn 1/4 L, Crossover, Hold
1-8 Rumba Box With 1/4 Turn L
Note: Can be done as a split floor with the AB version "A Little Love Worth Waiting 4". "AB" dancers will be doing the same 32 steps at the 12:00 and 6:00 walls as the Improvers