Bottom Of The Bottle
Count: 30, Walls: 4
Level: Beginner
Intro: 8 Counts
Music: Bottom of the Bottle - Derek Ryan
Tag: End of wall 3 facing 9:00 & 6 facing 6:00, add 2 count
1-8 R Toe Heel Heel, Behind Side Cross, Side Touch Side, L Behind 1/4 Turn Step
1-8 R Coaster, Walk Bk L/Clap Bk/Clap, L Coaster Step, R Toe Heel Stomp
1-8 L Toe Heel Stomp, R Bk Rumba Box, R Step Kick
1-8 L Bk, Touch, R Fwd Lock Step Scuff L Lock Step
Ending Dance 12 counts of Wall 8, finish the dance facing 12:00 by stepping back on L 12:00