Cha Cha Fever 2
Count: 32, Walls: 4
Level: Newbie
Intro: Never Knew How Much I Loved You!!
Music: Fever - Joe Cocker
Music: In Dreams - Roy Orbison
1-8 Basic Fwd Rock Step, L Cha Cha, Bk Rock Step, R FWD Shuffle
1-8 Cha Cha Walks Fwd-L,R, Lock Shuffle Fwd, Basic Fwd Rock, 1/4 R Side Shuffle
1-8 Weave R, Cross Rock, Cha Cha To L
1-8 Weave L, Cross Rock, Cha Cha To R
Ending When using In Dreams - there is a 4 count tag of a Left fwd Rocking Chair after the 4th Sequence.