Cheatin' Songs
Count: 48, Walls: 4
Level: Intermediate
Intro: 16 Count
Music: Cheatin’ Songs - Midland
1-8 Lindy R and L
1-8 Step R 1/4 Turn R, Cont 1/2 Bk Turn R, R Triple Back, Rock Bk L Recover, L Triple Fwd
1-8 R Step 1/4 Turn L, R Sailor, 1/4 Turn L Sailor, R Kick Ball
Restart Wall 3 6:00 After 24 Cnts 9:00
1-8 R Rock Recover, R 1/2 Triple, L Rock Recover, 1/4 L Side Triple
1-8 Cross Point L and R, Jazz Box
1-8 R Step 1/4 Turn L, Crossing Shuffle, L Side Rock Hop Recover Step, R Touch Out In