Cherry Bomb
Count: 32, Walls: 4
Level: Intermediate
Intro: 24 Counts
Music: Cherry Bomb - River Town Saints
1-8 R and L Side Touches, R Chasse, Rock Bk L, R Behind Side Cross
1-8 Rumba Box, L Shuffle Bk, R Coaster
Restart Wall 3 6:00, Wall 7 9:00, Replace Coaster with R Rock Bk Recover Touch
1-8 L Suger, R Suger, L Mambo 1/4 Turn L, R Sugar
1-8 L Side, R Tap Behind, R Step, L Behind Side Cross, R Touch Out In, Heel Hook, Heel Together, Swivel Swivel
Ending On Wall 9, dance up to and including counts 1&2 of Section 4, then replace counts 3&4 with a left sailor 1/4 turn left, to finish facing 12:00