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Crackin' Cold Ones

Count: 32, Wall: 2

*1 easy restart on wall 8 after 8 counts

Count Steps
1-8 Fwd R and L Toe/Heel, R Rocking Chair
1-8 Walk R, L, Triple Fwd (R-L-R), Step 1/2 R, Tripple Fwd (L-R-L)
1-8 R Kick and Point, L Kick and Point, 1/4 R Jazz Box Cross
1-8 Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Side, Cross, 1/4 L Heel Grind, Kick, L Coaster Step
*Opt: To end the dance facing front wall, you may in the last section, replace counts 5-8 with:
Side Rock, Recover, Behind, 1/4 R Turn, Step