Linedancing Memory Jogger


Dock of the Bay

Count: 64, Wall: 4

Intro: 16

Count Steps
1-2-3&4 Skate R, Skate L, Shuffle diagonally RLR
5-6-7&8 Skate L, Skate R, Shuffle diagonally LRL
1-2-3&4 R Cross Rock/Recover, Triple R
5-8 Weave L/R, R, L behind, ¼ turn onto R
1&2-3-4 L F Shuffle, R Rock/Recover
5&6-7 & 8 R Shuffle ½ turn R, L Shuffle ½ R
1-4 Walk B R, Walk B L, Touch R toe back on 3, Rock onto R heel on 4 with R “shoulder turn”
5-8 Rock Back L, recover on R, Step F onto L, ¼ turn right onto R
1&2-3&4 Cross step onto L at slight R diagonal with L-R-L hip bumps, Step onto R at side with R-L-R hip bumps
5,6-7&8 Cross L/R, Step onto R, Step into L sailor
1&2-3&4 Cross step onto R at slight L diagonal with R-L-R hip bumps, Step onto L at side with L-R-L hip bumps
5,6-7&8 Cross R/L, Step onto L, Step into R sailor with a ¼ turn R ending on R foot
&1-2&3&4 3 diagonal step touches LRL thinking: “And touch, hold, and touch, and touch
5-6-7&8 R Rock/recover, R coaster
1-4 L Jazz box with ¼ turn L
5-6-7&8 L Jazz box with ¼ turn L into a L triple step
Start over!!
Music Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay by Nils Landgren & Sample