Down to the Honky Tonk
Count: 32, Walls: 2
Level: Beginners
Intro: 16 Count
Music: Down to the Honkytonk - Jake Owen
1-8 L & R Toe Heel Stomp, L Fwd Shuffle - Fwd R Mambo
1-8 L Shuffle Back, R Coaster Step, L Step 1/4 Pivot Cross, Step Touches
1-8 R Shuffle, L Cross Rock Recover, R Turning Jazzbox X 2 Making 1/4 Turn R
1-8 R Scuff Stomp L Stomp, Heel Swivels R-L-R, L Mambo, R Mambo
Ending Wall 9 (starts at 12:00) is your last wall. Do up to count 12, then do this: turn 1/4 L shuffling L fwd on counts 13-14. Then scuff R foot fwd on count 15. You are now facing 12:00 again 12:00