Linedancing Memory Jogger


Fishin' in the Dark

Count: 48, Wall: 4

Intro: 32 counts

Count Steps
1-8 R Side, Behind, Side, Heel, L Side, In Front, Side, Heel
1-8 R Coaster Back, Hold, L Lock Forward, Hold
1-8 FWD R turn Left, Fwd Right Hold, Fwd L turn Right, Fwd Left, Hold
1-8 Fwd Right, Turn 1/2 Left, Cross, Hold, Rock Side, Recover, Cross, Hold
1-8 Right Toe, Heel, Cross, Hold, Left Toe, Heel, Cross, Hold
1-8 R Side, Together, Cross, Hold, Side, Together, Cross, Hold
Ending Dance ends at 6:00 during section 6 on Right side, Together, Cross, Hold. Replace Left side, Together, Cross, Hold with: step back on left turning right, turn right stepping to side on right, step forward on left.