CV & The Views Residents  Return

Lonely Drum

Count: 32, Wall: 4

Count Steps
1-8 Stomp, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Toe-Heel-Stomp, Toe-Heel-Stomp
1-8 Paddle Turn, Shuffle Across, Hip-Hip-Hip, Behind-Side-Across
1-8 Toe & Toe & Heel & Heel, Together, Walk, Walk, Shuffle Fwd
1-8 Pivot Turn, Shuffle Fwd, Step, Drag, Step, Drag
Restart at the end of wall 3...
Step R Fwd, Rock back onto L, 3 & 4 Shuffle Back R-L-R, 5-6 Step L Back, Rock Forward onto R, 7-8 Shuffle Fwd L-R-L
then restart the dance at 3:00


Copyright 2018 - W. R. (Bill) Johnson