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Love Flow

Count: 32, Wall: 4

Intro: 16 counts. Start with weight on L foot

Count Steps
1-8 R Cross Rock, Ball Cross, Side R, L Back Rock, L Chasse
1-8 R Back Rock, Shuffle 1/2 L, L Back Rock, 1/4 R into L Chasse
1-8 Behind Side, Cross Shuffle, L Side Rock, Cross Shuffle
1-8 Syncopated R Vine, Point L, Clap X2, Rolling Vine into L Chasse
Ending Wall 9 is your last wall. It starts facing 12:00. Do up to count 21 (your L side rock) and then turn 1/4 R onto R and shuffle L fwd to face 12:00 again 12:00


Copyright 2018 - W. R. (Bill) Johnson