Linedancing Memory Jogger


Miller Magic

Count: 64, Wall: 4

Count Steps
1-8 Toe struts (R-L), R rocking chair, Toe struts (R-L), Pivot 1/2 turn L
1-8 Toe struts (L-R), L rocking chair, Toe struts (L-R), Pivot 1/2 turn R
1-8 Right lock step, brush, left lock step, brush, slow jazz turn to R
1-8 Touch R forward, side, coaster step, Touch L forward, side, coaster step
1-8 Cross rock (R over L), shuffle R, Cross rock (L over R), 1/2 turn shuffle Left
1-4 Vine Right, Touch left foot side/together/side/together
1-4 Vine Left, Touch right foot side/together/side/together
1-8 R lock step, L lock step, Step R back, sweep L back, coaster step
1-8 L Lock step, R lock step, Step L back, sweep R back, coaster step
Tags Used only when the dance is done to the Glenn Miller Medley, otherwise can be omitted
1st 3:00 Wall - 2 - 1/2 turns to Left
1st 6:00 Wall - Touch R foot forward, Touch R foot back
At end of dance: 1/2 turn to L, 1/4 turn to front