Linedancing Memory Jogger


Rock and Roll Music

Count: 44, Wall: 2

Intro: 8 count

Count Steps
1-8 R Rocking Chair, R Shuffle, L Rocking Chair, L Shuffle
1-8 R Fwd Rock, toe Struts Back R-L-R, L Coaster, R Fwd, Turn 1/4 L, R Cross
1-8 L Side, R Touch, R Side, L Touch,L Side-Close-Fwd, R Side, L Touch, L Side, R touch, R Side-Close-Back
1-4 L Coaster Step, Step Out-Out R-L,
** Ending goes here on wall 5
Hip Bumps, L-R-L
1-8 R Kick, R Close, L Kick, L Close, R Point, R Close, L Point R Close, R Fwd Mambo, L Back Mambo
1-8 R Mambo Turn 1/2 R, L Fwd, Turn 1/4 R, L Cross, Right Grapevine, Big Step L, R Touch In-Out_In
Ending After count 27 on wall 5, Turn 1/4 R and Triple in place R-L-R (12:00)