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Rose from the Sea

Count: 32, Wall: 4

Intro: 16 Count

Count Steps
1-8 R Heel-Toe, R Shuffle Fwd, L Rock Fwd, L 1/2 Turn Shuffle
1-8 R 1/2 Turn Shuffle, L Rock Back, Skate L-Skate R, L Shuffle Fwd
1-8 R Fwd 1/4 Pivot R Cross Shuffle, 1/4 Turn R-1/2 Turn R,L Fwd Rock-Recover
1-8 L 1/4 Side Rock-Recoer, L Sailor 1/4 Turn, R Cross-L 1/4 Turn Hitch, L Shuffle Fwd
Ending: Wall 11 - will be facing 6:00, dance up to count 24 (will be facing 12:00 wall) then add: rock back L, recover on R, step fwd L..hold and pose..taraaaa !


Copyright 2018 - W. R. (Bill) Johnson