Sangria Time
Count: 64, Walls: 4
Level: Intermediate
Intro: 16 Count From Down Beat
Music: Jug of Sangria - Nathan Carter
1-8 Reverse R Rumba Box End With Scuff
1-8 Rocking Chair, Lock Step Fwd Scuff
1-8 Rock Fwd Recover, 3 x Toe Struts Bk With Kicks
1-8 R Coaster Step Hold, Step 1/4 Pivot R Cross Hold
Tag/Restart Wall 6 Add 4 Bumps Restart At 6:00
1-8 R Side Tap Clap, L Side Tap Clap, R Side Together Side Tap
1-8 L Side Tap Clap, R Side Tap Clap, L Side Together 1/4 L Brush R Across
1-8 L Cross Rock Side Hold, L Cross Rock Side Hold
1-8 Big Step R Rock Bk Recover, 1/4 Turn R Big Step L Rock Bk Recover