Some Kind of Wonderful
Count: 32, Walls: 4
Level: Beginner
Intro: 16 Count
Music: Some Kind Of Wonderful - Rod Stewart
1-8 Chasse R, Bk Rock, Chasse L, Bk Rock
1-8 Side, Point, Side, Touch, Bump R, Bump L, Bump R, Bump L
1-8 Shuffle Fwd, Fwd Rock, Shuffle Bk, Bk Rock
1-8 Walk, Point, Walk, Point, Jazzbox 1/4 R With Cross
Restart: After 8 counts of Wall 4 facing (9:00), restart dance from the beginning
Ending: Dance 20 counts of Wall 12, finish the dance facing (12:00) by making a 1/2 turning shuffle L to face the front, step forward R to finish (12:00)