Sweet Caroline
Count: 56, Walls: 2
Level: Advanced Beginner
Intro: 28 Counts
Music: Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
Sequence: A, A, A, +, B, B, A, A, A, +, B, B, A- (Restart/Tag), B, B
1-8 Part A: 32 Counts
A1: Point R, Touch, Slide R, Touch, Point L, Touch, Slide L, Touch
1-8 A2: Out, Out, In With 1/4 turn R, In, Out, Out, In With 1/4 Turn R, In
1-8 A3: R Vine, Touch, L Vine, Touch
1-8 A4: Walk Fwd x3, Kick, Walk Bk x3, Touch
1-8 A+: Step Clap x4 Making two 1/4 Turns L
1-8 Part B: 24 Counts
B1: Rock R, Recover, Cross, Hold, Rock L, Recover, Cross, Side
1-8 B2: Cross, Hold, Rock R, Recover, Weave To L With 1/4 Turn L
1-8 B3: Step, Click, 1/4 Turn L, Click, Step, Click, 1/2 Turn L, Click
Restart/Tag: During the last A section add the tag after 24 counts
Sway 1/4 Turn L x2
1-2 Make a 1/4 Turn L and Step R With RF (Swaying R), Recover
3-4 Make a 1/4 Turn L and Step R With RF (Swaying R), Recover
Notes: A is danced facing front and back walls. You will dance 3 A, and then need to dance "+" which is 8 counts to turn you back to the front wall. B is only danced facing the front and you will always dance B twice in a row. The last time you dance A you only dance 24 counts of it and then add a 4 count tag which brings you back to the front wall to dance B two more times.

Please consider checking out "Love You More" choreographed by Amy Glass and myself to get your dancers ready for this dance. Love You More is part "A" of Sweet Caroline