Linedancing Memory Jogger


Wagon Wheel

Count: 48, Wall: 4

Count Steps
Start Starts with R rocking chair......
1-4 Rock forward R and back, 1/2 turn left and step
5-8 Rock forward L and back, 1/4 turn right and cross
1-4 Step touch R with clap, step touch L with clap, Vine R with touch
5-8 Step touch L with clap, step touch R with clap, Vine L with touch
Rock and Holds......
1-4 Rock R over left, hold, Rock L over R, hold
5-8 Rock R over L and turn & turn & step (making full turn to R)
1-4 Rock L over R, hold, Rock R over L, hold
5-8 Rock L over R and turn & turn & step (making full turn to L)

Video production and direction by Linda Keir.