Where Oh Where
Count: 32, Walls: 4
Level: Intermediate
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Music: Where Did My Baby Go? Alt: Cowboy Up by Vince Gil
1-8 Side, Behind, Ball Cross, Side, Sailor Step, Kick Ball Change
1-8 Cross, Side, Sailor 1/4 Turn R, 4 Walks In A 3/4 Circle
Note: You may do the walks with Boogie Walk/Shorty George styling by bending the knees and allowing the knees and hips to move L, R, L, R. For fun, as a variation on some walls, you may do a 3/4 Volta (&5&6&7&8) ball, step, ball, step, ball, step, ball, step (L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R)
1-8 Side Rock, Recover, & Side Rock, Recover, Kick & Kick, & 1/4 Pivot Turn L
1-8 Cross, Hold, & Behind, Hold, & Jazz Box (Or 4 Count Variation)
Styling: You may shimmy on the jazz box!
Note: You may do a 4-count variation instead of the jazz box on counts 29-32. Choose from the variations below or do variations of your own! Have fun and let the music inspire your variations!
Variation #1 - Cross R tightly over L (5); Unwind 1/3 left bouncing heels down (6); Unwind 1/3 left bouncing heels down (7); Unwind 1/3 left shifting weight forward to L (8)
Variation #2 - Tap R beside L (5); Step R to right (&); Tap L beside R (6); Step L to left (&); Tap R beside L (7); Step ball of R to right/slightly back (&); Cross L over R (8)
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